The workshops are a wonderful opportunity to explore a new way of intimacy with your partner. 


 The main purpose is to show you: how to experience with the beloved a journey beyond the physical plane, beyond the senses.

You will be able to go deep within, offering to your partner, from an aware and relaxed state of being: presence, intimate touch, attention, loving care and generosity. This deep connection will lift up your mutual Love to unsuspected levels.


The workshops enable the creation of a sacred space, to share with your partner spiritual intimacy in a soft, playful and loving way. You will learn the importance of sensual touch, stillness, mutual breathing, conscious presence and the joy and pleasure of giving from the heart, beyond time and space.

You will also practice exercises that will guide you in the proper channeling of your vital energy to avoid Life force loss for rejuvenation.



The workshops will guide you through a journey of self-discovery,  a beautiful experience to share with your partner. It will take you both to a blissful realm of inner peace, where you will reunite once again in an eternal embrace.



 I. Introductory Program: 3,5 hours: 4500 UAED

 The creation of the sacred and intimate space

Welcoming ritual

Play with elements

Marma Tantra Massage

Tantric Hugs


II. Tantra Massage and Yoni/Lingam 4 hours: 6300 UAED 

You will learn how to awaken your partner´s heart while exploring his/her most intimate zone.

Yoni/ Lingam

Sacred point massage

Worship Ritual 


III. Advance tantra massage techniques 8 hours: 12800 UAED

Silk touch

Velvet touch

Deep Tantra

Pearl Shiva Lingam


The workshop is 100% customized. The schedule will be organized mutually in accordance between the couple and the therapist.