Kundalini Shakti massage is an holistic treatment that  helps to liberate energetic blockages  that are affecting your Life negatively.

  • The session proves effective to reduce stress and increases your power of concentration.
  • Kundalini Shakti massage gives you inner peace.
  • Heavy and dense energy in your body and mind will be replaced for lightness and positivity.
  •  You will reconnect with the desire for Life, very important for your health, well being and personal magnetism.
  • With your vital energy transformed into Love, you enjoy an inner state of plenitude and Bliss.
  • After the session your body and mind are prepared and refreshed for a new blossoming.

During the Kundalini Shakti massage your whole body will be pampered with warm almond oil. You will feel yourself go between soft and energetic touches into a journey of self discovery. The memory of the sensations awakened during a tantra massage are unforgettable. 


A session of 2 hours onwards is recommended.  

From 4 hours you are likely to experience a spiritual awakening, 


I will guide you into this very special journey. I am proficient in all tantric massage techniques to help you have a sensual and spiritual experience, where you will feel recharge and refreshed, regaining self- balance.



Kundalini Shakti massage activates the flow of vital energy throughout the body and its effective channelling towards the heart, allowing you to experience an intimate and loving fullness within yourself. It is a whole body, mind and soul healing that works giving the following remarkable effects:


  • Facilitates the spiritual awakening and the expansion of consciousness.
  • Awakens the sensuality in the body through sensual touch. Through the feeling of the different sensations and the relaxed breathing pattern, we connect deep within ourselves in a relaxing state where we are present, here and now.
  • Focuses on the psychic energy centers of the body to reset the natural flow, giving you a feeling of balance and fullness.
  • Shows you how to increase your Life force without wasting vital energy.
  • Deep relaxations states are achieved favoring the rejuvenation of the nervous system and the healing of the cellular memory.
  • Stress and anxiety release
  • It removes energetic blockages and knots that are affecting your life negatively.
  • Bliss and inner peace experiences have been reported as benefits from the sessions. 
  • The effects last from 5-7 days after receiving the treatment, sometimes even more.
  • Supreme relaxation
  • You will experience an increase in you personal magnetism.


The session puts you in a deep relaxation state and gives an inner feeling of peace.

Every session is different and customized specially for you.











                                                             Maya Glanz






          1 hour:                               1500 UAED    

         1 hour 30 min:                  2000 UAED    

         2 hours:                              2700 UAED    

         2 hours 30 min:                3300 UAED    

         3 hours:                              3900 UAED    

         3 hours 30 min:                4500 UAED    

         4 hours:                              5100 UAED    

         4 hours 30 min:                5700 UAED    

         5 hours:                              6300 UAED    

         5 hours 30 min:                6900 UAED    

         6 hours:                               7500 UAED







BLACK ORCHID: The 10.000 Kisses session


This is a very unique and sensitive session given with warmth and tenderness. Feel loved and nurtured from head to toe.


1 hour 2000 UAED/ 1 hour 30 min 2600 /2 hours 3200 UAED up to 4 Hours  



THE CROWN SESSION: Increases vital energy, infusion of Life Force.

1 hour 2000 UAED/ 1,5 hours 2600 UAED/ 2 hours 3200 UAED




The duration of the session is 6 hours.

It will start with a bath ritual, followed by an adoration and salutation ritual.

You will get a combination of ll the different techniques to channel your vital energy effectively towards the high energy centers in your body: velvet touch, silk touch, Shiva Lingam, Bondage, etc..including black orchid.

You will benefit also from a chakra balancing treatment.

6 Hours 8000 UAED